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Bora Bora

Sorry folks, this is going to be a long one... We couldn't tear ourselves from this vacation long enough to get online to write up our travel journal. But here it is.
After a mere 24hours since we left snow covered New England. We finally arrived at Bora Bora local time: 9:30 am. Few hours sleep here and there in the planes was enough for us to feel revitalized and ready to start our vacation. And the 5 hours time difference you ask? Ha! We laugh in the face of jet lag! We'll sleep on the plane back!! So Bora Bora... Where to start? The island is surrounded by both a dark, deep turquoise and a lighter shade of green. The mountains and lush green of hundreds of different types of trees and plants add to the magic of this South Pacific gem.
But what makes French Polynesia THE place to vacation is the accommodation. As if all this beauty is not enough, lets just throw a bungalow right on top of the aqua water dancing with fish, and add 2 see-through coffee tables with direct view into the water in the living room.. Oh yeah, and then let's add a huge balcony so people can jump in directly from their room to go snorkel the day away. If this is not paradise, I don't know what is...
Our first day was overcast with small breaks of sun. We explored the very small island where the Hilton is and beached it while the sun was breaking out. On our way to our over water bungalow, we saw a school of 5 small black tip sharks just hanging out in a little stream about 150 feet from our bungalow. Pretty cool we thought...
But then once on our balcony, a school of not 5, but 9 spotted eagle rays were flying through the water back and forth right around our bungalow!!! If you ask me, we shouldn't call them a "school of rays" - they are way too cool for that -they should be a "rock band of rays" or something along those lines... That was freakin' awesome!!!!
Around 6:15, We thought we'd have a 20 minute catnap before getting cleaned up for dinner. Yeah, not so much. At about 10pm we woke up and realized we slept right through dinner. Ha! Jet lag sure laughed in our face this time!!
Up bright and early at 6am after close to 12 hours of almost totally restful sleep. Bora BoRAIN, vengeful tahitian God of tropical storms must have been ticked that we were sleeping through our first evening in French Polynesia for he called down shattering thunder and stormy winds that got us both slightly spooked. The weather flip-flopped from sunny to rainy all day while the wind was constantly blowing. The water was too choppy to snorkel by our bungalow so we walked to the other side of the resort and took our first gander at what our South Pacific under water friends looked like. Well once again, Bora Bora didn't disappoint. The fish down here are dazzling.
There are a lot of different types of butterfly and angel fish, every single one more beautiful than the next. And the fun part is that they love following you around and they get right close to you. It's like they call dibs on one of you and follow you around. "I call the Rambo dude", "dibs on the pink lady".
Another day of iffy weather: sun/rain/sun/rain but at least the wind had quieted down for our last day in Bora Bora. We finally got to snorkel right from our bungalow. What a fun time. Again, boat loads of fish around the pretty coral around our bungalow. We also got to see where the oh so popular Tahitian black pearls are created: in the belly of beautifully colored oysters. Neither of us had ever seen such artful shells. And because we jus HAD TO, we swam around the little stream were the sharks were hanging out for the past 3 days. And yes, 2 of them swam next to us. The water was quite murky from the rain so it got a little eery very quickly so we made our way back around our bungalow keeping an eye out for the rock band of rays who shied away from the party.
The skies opened as we were leaving Bora Bora for the airport. I think it was part of the Tahitian's God plan to make sure we wouldn't miss Bora Bora too much on the next leg of our trip in French Polynesia. And it worked. We arrived to beautiful weather in Moorea, a much bigger island than Bora Bora but with the same dazzling beauty.
OH MY GOD!!! What an amazing day this was!!! We started our stay in Moorea with a jet ski tour. Driving jet skis around this paradisiac island was so much fun. David was proud of his little wifey for being such a trooper and riding through the waves as fast as the more experienced drivers (what a blast!!!) I even got the "that's my girl" comment of approval. Can i get a yeehaw!?!
Then we stopped to feed the rays and sharks. We snorkeled with DOZENS of black tip sharks and fed, petted and even smooched a few huge rays.
While David felt a tiny bit intimidated at first, I giggled like a little girl the whole time.
So cool!! Back at the resort, we went kayaking, snorkeling -where David totally got attacked by a tiny trigger fish... Tried to get a chunk off his leg! That was flippin' hilarious!!- then we finished this amazing day with a tall froufrou drink at the beach bar while watching the sun set on cook's bay.

Posted by Rattrays 11:50

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Sounds like you are having a terrific time! What beautiful pictures and I am sure even more so in person! Continue having a fabulous vacation! Jessica says Puddy is having a great time with them! He is even sleeping in their bed! He will get extra loving this weekend when her in-laws come visiting too!

by Liz

Awesome. Figured you would have a great time. The scenery is beautiful! Those over the water bungalows are spectacular.

by Rick Saltarelli

You definitely found heaven. Living accommodations like these and waking to a view like that........pinch me. I am adding this place to my Bucket List close to the top:) Thanks for sharing and living out everyone's dream vacation.

by Sharon Knickle

Pictures are beautiful, especially enjoyed the Thailand pictures as we were there many years ago and loved it.

by Martha Brick

WOW guys,,you do know how to pick them! Annik how's the food[when you get it that is] David you'll have to let us know how the dives go, but look out for those mean fish! Yeehaw to both of you!

by Deb

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