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Found something else that makes me giggle like a little girl. Heck it even made David giggle like one too... The view of our new Bungalow. For the first 2 nights of our stay in Moorea, we were in a garden bungalow with our very own small pool on our private balcony. Great, but not quite the same as being on top of the water. We just moved Wednesday in to what's going to be our home for 10 nights.
We have the furthest bungalow on the resort which means we have unobstructed views of the horizon and fantastic privacy!! No need to pull the curtains...Our day was spent on the beach and paddle boarding. I absolutely loved it but David... Well lets just say the paddle board and him got into a brawl and the paddle board won. Twice.

How do I love thee, let me count the...... body parts. 2 legs, 2 arms and a head. It's all there, despite having two 8 and 10 feet long sicklefin lemon sharks circling around us five times during our second dive. "We might see a lemon shark if we're lucky" he said "they are very wary, they never get close to divers" he said.... Hummm Master Diver dude, you were wrong. David was beside himself of excitement before the dive. I was just glaring at him with daggers in my eyes. But you know, when you love someone, you do silly stuff. Like going on a shark dive. Both David and I were completely mesmerized by the graceful sharks gliding slowly around us but after a while I started feeling a little uneasy about having them looking at us, licking their chops...
I'm just glad we still have all our body parts to tell the tale. Especially after reading in our fish book that sicklefin lemon sharks are considered dangerous. Fantastic. But that is done and it was a extraordinary experience. On a lighter note, during our 3 dives, we saw Nemo- the beautiful clown fish living in an anemone. We also swam with 2 turtles, a few giant trigger fish, a unicorn fish, over 20 blacktip sharks and thousands of other colorful fishies.
Blacktip sharks are usually about 5 feet long and besides being very curious and approaching divers, they are pretty much harmless.
However, they are still SHARKS so when there are 3 of them waiting by the boat for you to jump in the water or when they come right at you, it's still a bit freaky!! We also caught sight of about 10 dolphins jumping in front of the dive boat. These were 2 incredible days of enjoying the spectacular marine life of Moorea!!!

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Absolutely beautiful!!

by Liz

Again gorgeous!, however it all makes me think of a movie somehow!
Better yet I think you could write a book and call it 'Fifty Shades of Blue' !!

by Deb

Anik and David; The pictures are gorgeous. I am sure this si everything you thought it would be, plus more.

by Rick Saltarelli

Me again with best wishes Annik,what a place to celebrate your birthday,, BONNE FETE !!

by Deb

Unbelievable!!! AWESOME!!!! Love reading your blogs!!!

by Lorraine

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