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Fantastic vacation in Moorea!!

This is so silly... 2 of our last 5 days have been spent either snorkeling, paddle boarding, on a paddle boat, roasting under the sun on our private deck or at the beach, or just bopping around in the beautiful aqua water but yet, finding the time to write the travel journal is quasi-impossible. AND we are up every single day between 6-7am??? The meaning of "time flies when you're having fun" never made more sense to us!!
Saturday, on my bday, after a morning of floating around on our air mattresses and going for a spin on the ol' paddle boat, we rented a scooter to go shopping for my birthday gift. Woah, no judging me people, I told my wonderful husband that being in paradise with him was the most grandiose gift of all but he insisted to go shopping for a ring with a Tahitian pearl. Who am I to refuse my Love's heart's desire?? ;) So we went and we bought. And I look at my ring every chance I get with a smile on my face :)
After 2 froufrou drinks while watching the sunset on Moorea, we took the evening back to our bungalow where we ordered room service. After all, the best seat in the house is right here on our deck. Not sure why but getting one year older in French Polynesia somehow makes it easier to digest...
On Sunday other than the usual floating, bobbing and chasing fish, we went to Lilicoy for lunch. It's a mini outside restaurant literally in someone's backyard. The owner is a super sweet French Lady and she grows a lot of her own fruits, veggies and herbs. The food is affordable, delicious and the conversation always pleasant. For dinner, we ventured to the locals' favorite- only open for dinner, only on the weekend. It's more of a take out counter but you can also eat outside, in front of the disheveled little building . For $35 you get enough food to feed 4 people (the picture bellow is our leftovers!!) where in most restaurants in Moorea, $35 barely covers dinner for one.
The cost in French Polynesia are exorbitant. Especially when you stay in a hotel and have no means of transportation. Dinner for 2 at the Hilton is about $75, without drinks, appetizers or desert. Lunch is about $50 for a couple of burgers and water... Open up your wallet 'cuz it goes up pretty darn fast!! Who wants to go on a vacation and not have at least one tasty exotic drink per day..
So to answer your question Deb, food is inspired by the French culture and tastes lovely but was definitely not a highlight of our trip.
Monday was the ATV tour. The terrain wasn't challenging enough for my sweet husband who, like any respectable Canadian boy, just wanted to spin it's wheels and fishtail down the trail.
But the views, oh the views were worth the uneventful ride inside the island. We started by going up belvedere which gave us a breathless view of the islands' mountains as well as the 2 bays giving Moorea it's distinct shape.
Then we went up magic mountain for a 180 view of the lagoon. Moorea is a pretty small island: 2 hour drive and you made it all the way around. The magic mountain let us admire most of the island from the comfort of our ATV.
Tuesday was spent as a good relaxing vacation day should be spent: taking in the beauty of the water and the warmth of the sun; then move to our deck and repeat.
We did have a disappointingly boring snorkeling experience from our bungalow where all fish must have plotted against us to have a good laugh at our desperation to see something grandiose. But it seams a black tip shark got the memo a little too late since I caught a glimpse of him heading out to sea. Can I admit that even if we now swam with black tip sharks 3 times and we all know they are harmless, I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw him swim by. Oh Steven Spielberg, you traumatized so many of us... Forever...
Aaannnddd finally Wednesday... Again with snorkeling, again with the paddle boat, again with the soaking up every single ray of this French Polynesian sun... Then back on the scooter to go explore the island and shop for souvenirs. I'm slightly ashamed to say I am now the proud owner of not only one, but 4 Tahitian pearls. What can I say? I think the oyster who created my pearl channelled some kind of subliminal message through my ring to say my pearl was feeling lonely. So now with a gorgeous pendant, dangly earrings and a significant hole in my bank account, my pearl found her smile again... Or maybe I'm the one who is smiling? :). David is also sporting a beautiful pearl around his neck too. This is a trip of a lifetime, we just had to invest in worthy souvenirs to go with the memories!!

Posted by Rattrays 10:27

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It's not silly to not find the time to write, you shouldn't be paying any attention to it in that beautiful spot [even though it's fun to keep up with your adventures and we appreciate it].To bad about the cuisine,I know how you loved it in Los Roques.Can't wait to see the pearls

by Deb

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