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Last days in French Polynesia

Thursday... Mom Rattray, you might want to skip over this one and skip over the pictures too. Come to think about it, Deb, you might want to do the same. David learned while researching French Polynesia before our trip that tattoos originated from there. So, of course, he didn't only want to get a tattoo in Moorea, he was also dead set on getting it done the traditional way i.e. with a wild boar's tusk carved into a 5 needle instrument attached to a wood branch - dipped in ink and tapped into his skin with a second piece of wood. And yes, it's sounds as horrific as it looked.
To add to the terrifying part, the tattoo artist free styled the whole tattoo. So not only was he poking David repeatedly with this home made instrument of torture, we also had NO IDEA what it would look like. Oh and did I mentioned there were cats and dogs coming in and out of the bungalow they use as a kitchen (you read right, this was not even a tattoo studio but more or less their living quarters during a home renovation) and he also started an hour after our appointment because he decided to eat lunch (fish cooked from the mentioned ..........quarters) with his friends before starting.
That my friends, was an experience!! I was calling upon all the Tahitian Gods to protect David from developing a nasty infection or worse, get a very ugly tattoo on his side (kidding on the worse part). But thankfully, the tattoo turned out great and the healing process has been even easier than a machine tattoo. Phew!!!!
(Calm down ladies, this man is all mine!!!)
Our scooter ride back was a lot dryer than our ride to the tattoo venture which got us completely drenched and freezing throughout the 25 minute drive. But a pit stop to Chez Fifi had our belly filled and satisfied with 2 huge chocolate crepes. Yum!! Oh man, now I'm craving one!!
Friday was gorgeous in the morning (beach, snorkel, bungalow...) but our afternoon projects to enjoy more of this dreamy place sank, thanks to a big rainstorm that lasted up until the next morning.
But we drowned our sorrows in some tasty Tahitian beer and Royal Tahitis while watching the sunset
and went back to our room to eat some American made Doritos while looking at our vacation pictures. We then ordered room service and were graced by the presence of 2 black tip sharks swimming around our bungalow, and with whom we gladly shared our chicken.
Yes, sharks do like chicken. Taste just like barracuda... (See Los Roques blog ;) )
And finally Saturday. Last day in French Polynesia. Rain again. One of the ladies at the reception said its because their Tahitian God was crying about our departure. We'd like to believe it was true... We stayed in our bungalow until 11am then moved to the beach until 3pm - in our bathing suit. Rain? Who cares? As long as its not snow, we couldn't care less. We took the ferry to Tahiti to catch our flight to LA. Now sitting here at LAX, we are reflecting back on our vacation. French Polynesia, most beautiful place in the world? Maybe, maybe not... One thing is for sure, it is a South Pacific paradise. Best accommodation we've ever stayed in by far!!
And the sharks encounters, although a bit (lot) freaky, it was both fascinating and exhilarating. We had a fantastic vacation filled with beauty and adventures. We feel so incredibly blessed to have had such an amazing vacation and going back to reality where we have to wear socks and pants everyday bites the big one!!

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Well sounds like it was your trip of a life time! Annik that crepe looks fabulous and the sunset picture is like a postcard. David I did a bit of research on Tahitian tatoos also, and I think the symbol stands for something like 'a fool & his $', and my nursing instincts on the facilities would not be printable I'm sure ,lol. Safe home.

by Deb

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